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Embark on an exhilarating journey from novice to expert sailor with our Coastal Skipper from Zero to Hero Course at Offshore Sailing Academy. This comprehensive course combines the Yacht Hand, Day Skipper, and Coastal Skipper modules, offering a seamless progression for aspiring sailors seeking a thorough education in seamanship and navigation.

  • Duration: 28/29 Days
    • 3 day Yacht Hand Course
    • 6 days Day Skipper Course
    • 6 days Coastal Skipper Preparation Course + 2-3 days exams
    • 10 Days ailing sessions and night approaches
  • Required Experience: None or limited sailing
  • Price: R 44 000.00 (with the option to pay a 50% deposit)

Course Curriculum

Yacht Hand Course:
The Yacht Hand course serves as the perfect introduction to sailing, covering essential topics such as sea terms, sail handling, safety procedures, and helmsmanship. Led by experienced instructors following the SA Sailing syllabus, participants will gain a solid foundation in sailing fundamentals.

Day Skipper Course:
Delve deeper into the world of sailing with our intensive six-day Day Skipper course. Designed for both novice sailors and seasoned boat owners, this program encompasses lectures, practical sailing sessions, and night approaches. Participants will master seamanship skills, navigation techniques, weather interpretation, and emergency procedures, culminating in preparation for the S.A.S Day Skipper Exam.

Coastal Skipper Preparation:
Building upon the Day Skipper certification, our Coastal Skipper Preparation course equips sailors with the experience necessary to advance their skills. Over six days, plus additional time for exams, participants will focus on theory, boat handling, and mileage building. Successful completion provides the experience and certification required to sit the external SAS Coastal Skipper examination.


Take the helm of your sailing aspirations and join us on a transformative journey from zero to hero in the captivating world of coastal navigation.

  • Yacht Hand Course: Offshore Sailing Academy Yacht Hand Certificate, SA Sailing Yacht Hand Course Completion Certificate
  • Day Skipper Course: SA Sailing Day Skipper’s Ticket Category C, International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
  • Coastal Skipper Preparation: Certification to sit the SAS Coastal Skipper examination